Theme Change

We have changed the theme of the Belvedere Social Club website. The change allows us some more robust options for presenting information to our viewers. Site members will notice that we now have a more personalized header image and a cleaner look for the site. The site is also more compatible with the displays on phones and tablets.

Look for more to come!


Congratulations to Jeanne Post for noticing the last post on this blog was in August. You win the prize, Jeanne!

Apparently, there was a glitch in the server that deleted all the site data. When it was recovered, the latest posts had not been backed up. I’ve kept backups more current than that and I’ll try to recover the posts about the October, November, and December events. I may leave things just as they are, however.

We will post info on the new board, the January meeting (Belvedere Derby), and an update on a survey we will be conducting.


Why We’re Switching

For the last three years we have been using e107 content management system (CMS) to present the Belvedere Social Club Web site. Because we want to present a more robust, more user friendly environment, we will be switching to WordPress as the vehicle to deliver this site. While we’re still working on the “presentation” of the site, it is fully functional.

If you are a registered user of, unfortunately your registration on this new site will not be valid as we cannot transfer your password to the new site. It is encrypted. Even hackers can’t figure out what your password is. Neither can the webmaster. The bottom line is that if you want to be a registered user, you will have to re-sign-up.

If you’re not a registered user, you will still be able to see all the posts that are available to the public. You will just not be able to comment on them.

Thanks for your patience,
Mike…the webmaster