Burglary Alert!

The detective was just here and said we should warn our neighbors, because the usual scenario lately is that once a house has been hit by this burglar they suspect, they usually hit several more in the same neighborhood within a short period of time.

In several cases, an attractive woman around 26 years old, has been seen slowly walking down the street, or standing a couple houses away from the house being robbed, talking on her cell phone, (probably to the person in the house, as a lookout). The police want anyone who sees ANYTHING suspicious or out of place to call 911 so they can come investigate. They said these burglaries are a top priority to get solved… So even a very small thing is worth calling them for…

Let’s keep our eyes open!!

Thanks to Board Members

The Belvedere Social Board would like to thank all its members for their support in 2008.  We look forward to working with all in 2009!

Barry Rost – President
Tom Winegarden- Vice President
Vic Wise- Treasurer
Elaine Summer- Secretary
Joanne Gregory- Publicity/Membership Chairperson
Bettye and Richard Danofsky- Hospitality Chairpersons

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Call for Officers for 2009

OFFICERS needed (Men and Women) to serve on Belvedere Social Club Board for 2009 (for 9 months length of service)The following positions are available:
Vice President
Publicity/Membership Chairman
Hospitality Chairman
If interested or any questions call by October 24th Joanne 259-8838

Bad Weather Reminder

Golf Scramble on Wednesday 10th: Tom requested that I send out a reminder to all playing in this scramble.  If the weather is too bad to play we will still have the golf social inside Pimlico at 5:30pm .
Also for the Poker Run on Thursday….. if the weather is too bad to start the poker run.   We will meet at Laurel Manor at 6:00- 6:30 and have pizza/beer and draw our poker hands. But if it is sunny meet at Pimlico pavilion  at 5:00pm to begin the run .

Tropical Storm Fay Rages Over the Belvedere Social Club

To those who purchased tickets from me /or paid Tom for the “After Golf Social”, (and I don’t have the list of the members Tom signed  up):
What Happens if We Can’t Play Golf on Wednesday, August 20th?????
This is to inform you that we will still have the social at Laurel Manor  beginning 5:30P, as planned.  We can not cancel this social or refund money due to the  headcount  being turned in and food ordered.  Since food has been ordered we are no longer signing members up for this month’s event.
Sorry!  😕
Any questions please let me know.