Our Very Own Daily Sun Reporter

We have been assigned a reporter to The Village of Belvedere.  Her name is Valentina Bore.  Her email address is Valentina.Bore@thevillagesmedia.com

Anyone in the Village of Belvedere can submit a story to her. It is not necessary to write the story in final form.  It fact she suggests that you don’t.  Part of Valentina job is to edit the story and put it in a structure and format that is used by the printer.  So it is best just to bullet the facts of your story.

Here are some examples of stories that may be interesting to her readers:

  • Were there special circumstances that caused you to move to The Villages?
  • Is someone special from your past you were able to connect with?
  • Do you have an interesting hobby or collection?
  • Have you achieved something special or done something fun lately?

These are only a few examples of what you may submit. Use your imagination. Give enough details in brief so Valentina can know what the story is about.

If you have a question whether the submission is complete enough, submit your brief to Catherine Tarquini, the Belvedere Social Club Media person.  She’ll take a quick look at it for you.  Her email is Catherine.Tarquini@gmail.com

Have fun!