March 2019 Social

The horses are at the starting gate…

Belvedere Social Club


The Belvedere Derby

Laurel Manor
Thursday, March 14, 2019
6:00 to 8:30 pm

Food: BYOB & snacks to share with your table. Club will provide decaf coffee & water.

Admission: $1.00 per member, $2.00 per guest accompanied by a member. See guest policy here.

Gaming: There will be approximately 6 races which includes the Daily Double. In each race you may place bets on one or more horses. Each bet is 1 Horse Buck. You may place bets on as many horses as you want and may place more than one bet per horse. The Daily Double is 2 Horse Bucks per bet. You will bet on one horse to win in the first race and one horse to win in the second race. If both horses win their respective races, you win. Please bring $1 bills to purchase your Horse Bucks which are $1 each. Please leave your large denomination bills at home.

ORDER TICKETS by March 6: Call Joanne Gregory at (352) 259-8838 to order your tickets. When you place your order, Joanne will arrange a time and place for you to get your tickets. Choices will be (1) pickup at the mail station, (2) pickup at Joannes’ house, or (3) delivered to your home. More information on ticket ordering and sales here.

Memberships: You may also buy your 2019 annual membership at $5 per person. Memberships run from Jan 1 to Dec 31. More information on membership here. When joining the club, please provide your address and email.

Tables: There will be 8 people per table. If you wish to sit together as a group, please order your tickets at the same time.

(Tickets not available after March 6 nor at the door.)

Fifty-Fifty raffle will be held. Please, no large bills.