Getting Tickets

You can order tickets once an event is announced up to seven (7) days prior to the event by calling Joanne Gregory ‭(352) 259-8838‬.

If you are ordering for more than just yourself, you will need the name of each person for whom you are buying tickets.

Joanne will give you three choices for getting your tickets:

  • You can pick them up on a specific day and time range at the postal station.
  • You can pick them up at Joanne’s house at a prearranged time and date.
  • If you live in Belvedere, you can have Joanne deliver the tickets to your house at a time convenient to you both.

Just a reminder, we usually set the maximum number of people at a table at eight (8). If you want to sit at the same table with someone else we suggest you have one person order tickets for the group. Remember to have ALL the names, addresses, and emails available.

Also, tickets are not available for purchase at the door.