Call for Officers

Wanted Men and Women

To serve on the Belvedere Social Club Board for 2015 (serve 1 year).

The following positions are available:

President (now held by Charlie Murray)
Vice President (now held by Tom Winegarden)
Treasurer (now held by Elaine Sumners)
Secretary (now held by Bettye Danofsky)
Hospitality Chairperson(s) ( now held by Iris/Alan Stansfield)
Publicity/Membership Chairperson (now held by Joanne Gregory)

If interested in running for any of the above positions or have questions please contact Joanne no later than October 21st. Confidential voting will be held at our November social.


The following board members have already turned in their resignations and will not be returning after this year: Charlie, Tom, Bettye and Joanne For the new board members, we, the outgoing board members, have agreed to invite you to our December planning meeting and to assist you in planning events for January and February, if needed.

Because of The Villages club regulations, remember that, if these positions are not filled, the “Belvedere Social Club” will cease to exist on December 31st.

Joanne 259-8838 or email.