By Laws Revision Coming

Our current by-laws were written in 2005. Since then many of our practices have changed and some practices need to be revised. Therefore, since January, your Board has been working on revising the by-laws to reflect these changes and to correct some of the errors in the original by-laws.

We plan to roll out the revisions in November with the goal of having a vote on the revisions during the January 2020 social. With that in mind, we will have revised copies of the by-laws available at the conclusion of the November 14, 2019 social for you to take home and review.

That will open the discussion period during which we hope you will provide comments and recommendations that the Board will review and perhaps include. The discussion period will end December 31, 2019. At that time, the Board will finalize the by-laws to be presented for the January meeting for an up or down vote. There will be no floor discussion during the meeting, so please submit your comments and suggestions during the discussion period.

Copies of the proposed by-laws will be available at the conclusion of the November meeting. You can view them in advance online here. You can compare them to the original by-laws here.

Here is a summary of the updates:

  1. Deletes Clifton Villas from the list of Belvedere Villas. Clifton is now in Bonnybrook.
  2. Add former Belvedere residents as eligible members
  3. Deletes the requirement to post the minutes of the Executive Committee on the website.
  4. Makes the treasurer’s reports and annual audits available on request to the membership
  5. Requires officers to turn over any correspondence and papers of office to the new office holder upon leaving office.
  6. Adds charitable donations as a legitimate use of club funds.
  7. Requires Executive Committee approval for any contracts. Deleted the authority of the Chairman to enter contracts on his/her own.
  8. Limits board members to $100 or less purchases in carrying out their duties. Allows the Chairman to approve expenses between $100 and $200. Requires Executive Committee approval for expenditures above $200.
  9. Will change the date of the by-laws to the date they are approved by the membership, if approved.