Another Burglary Alert

At my exercise class this morning, the woman who directs the class made an announcement that we should all be aware of, living south of 466.

There is a band of burglars working in our area.  They hit four houses in Virgina Trace alone on Friday evening, two houses from where she lives. They work after dark and keep an eye out for cars and carts leaving the garage.  They go in through the lanai – if it’s locked, they cut the screen and reach in.  Then take a crowbar and pry open the slider.  They even have a powerful magnet that if you have a metal bar to lock the slider, they can lift it.  A wood dowel is good.  The police have traced their path with bloodhounds – from the houses to the Virginia Trace gate.  They were on foot.  They are taking money and jewelry.  These are professionals.  You know how dark the backs of our houses are.

The police have asked residents to keep a watchful eye out for anyone suspicious and call them immediately!

Pass this along to your neighbors.