November 2022 Social

Board Elections: At this meeting we will be electing the Board for the year 2023. The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are available for nomination. Please consider serving your Belvedere Social Club as an elected board member. You may contact Teeny Gregory by email or by phone: ‭(352) 753-2317‬. Please respond by November 1.

Belvedere Social Club

An Exciting Evening

Laurel Manor Recreation Center
Nov 10, 2022
6 – 8:30 pm

Food: Bring snacks for your table of 8. BYOB. Club will provide decaf coffee and water.

Bring $5.00 in quarters. Change will NOT be available at the event.

Admission is FREE, but you must have a ticket to attend the event. 

ORDER TICKETS Oct 21 thru Nov 2 (or until sold out): Call Joanne Gregory at (352) 259-8838 to order your tickets. When you place your order, Joanne will arrange a time and place for you to get your tickets.

(Tickets not available after Nov 2, nor at the door)

Tables: There will be 8 people at a table. Seats will be assigned when tickets purchased. If you wish to sit together as a group, please purchase your tickets at the same time.

Membership: As always, you must be a member to buy tickets. Memberships are available when you purchase your tickets. Memberships are $5 an are valid for calendar year 2022.

Fifty-Fifty raffle will be held.

See you there!

Mark your calendars for our December Christmas Social that will be on December 8th.

Call For Board Volunteers

At the November social (Nov 10, 2022) we will elect a new Belvedere Social Club Board if we have enough volunteers to fill the elected positions.

In order to continue into 2023, the club must have a full Board of Directors. All elected positions are open for 2023. We need your help to continue our club.

So that you may consider serving on the Board, here are some details about each position:

The By-Laws state:

Officers include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer elected for one year by members in good standing.

The President presides at all meetings of the Club.

The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President.

The Secretary records and maintains minutes of all meetings.

The Treasurer maintains all Club’s funds and prepares and presents a monthly report for the Executive Committee and for the membership on request.

What are the other customary duties of each office?

The President

  • Approves expenditures greater than the individual board member limits and less than what is required to be approved by the entire Board.
  • Coordinates with the Recreation Department at Laurel Manor. Relates the size of our socials, the table arrangements, and any other requirements the Club has for our socials.
  • Coordinates with the entertainment (schedules, contracts, etc.) and food providers.
  • Acts as a point of contact for outside groups like The Daily Sun and The Marine Corps Reserve (Toys for Tots).

The Vice President

  • Assists the President as requested.

The Treasurer

  • Conducts the 50-50 raffle at the socials.
  • Pays the entertainment stipends.
  • Pays all the club bills and expenses.
  • Keeps records of all club expenses.

The above positions are the elected Board which we need to continue the club. 

Once we have a Board they may recruit and appoint committee chairs. The Board may delegate any of their customary duties not explicit in the by-laws except fiscal duties to the committee chairs. In other words, The Board may set up the leadership and duties of the club workings as they see fit within the confines of the by-laws.

Here are the current appointed chairs:


  • Ensures the coffee, tea, ice, and water are ready for the socials. 
  • Provides cups, napkins, and other essentials for the socials.
  • Buys the club provided snacks when required.

Membership & Ticket Sales

  • Collects membership dues and maintain the membership roll.
  • Sells tickets to events.
  • Submits proceeds from membership and ticket sales to The Treasurer.


  • Maintains the club website.
  • Sends club emails.
  • Prints social tickets.


  • Provides decorations for events.

All of the current Board members and committee chairs will remain available to the new Board for advice and help for the first few months of the new Board term. We want the new Board to succeed and are willing to help to make that happen.

Please consider volunteering to become a 2023 board member. We want the club to continue. 

To volunteer, call the club President, Teeny Gregory, at (352) 753-2317 or email her at or email the Publicity chair at

Thank you,
The Board