October 2018 Social

Left-Center-Right and Pizza

Thursday, October 11, 2018
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Savannah Center

Entertainment: YOU! A rousing few rounds of Left-Center-Right.

Admission: Members $5 per member, $7 per guest accompanied by a member. Price includes 2 slices of pizza, per person. Bring your own beverage and dessert for the table. Club will provide decaf coffee & water.

Tickets on sale at Pimlico Recreation Center 10 a.m — 11 a.m, Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4.

(Tickets not available at the door)

Tables: There will be 8 people at a table. Seats will be assigned when tickets purchased. If you wish to sit together as a group, please purchase your tickets at the same time.

NOTE: Bring $5.00 in quarters. Change will not be available at the event.

Fifty-Fifty raffle will be held.

Note! This month’s meeting is at the Savannah Center, not Laurel Manor!

Board elections will be in November. Please consider serving your club as a board member. President, Vice President & Secretary are not seeking reelection. Those positions must be filled for the club to exist beyond 12/31/18. We urge you to give this some serious thought! Want to run? Contact a board member.

Visit us at belvedereclub.org for event details, information on membership only sales, and up to the minute news.
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September 2018 Social

Extreme Juke Box Bingo

Presented by
Ric Mitchell

Thursday, September 13, 2018
6:00 to 8:30 pm
Laurel Manor Recreation Center

Food: Bring snacks to share at your table. Club provides decaf coffee and water. BYOB

Cost: Members $5 per member, $7 per guest.

Tickets on sale at Pimlico Recreation Center 10 a.m — 11 a.m, Wednesday, Sept 5 and Thursday, Sept 6. Remember, you must be a Club member to participate. 2018 Memberships still available $5 per person.

Tables: There will be 8 at a table which will be assigned when tickets are purchased. If you wish to sit together as a group, please purchase all tickets at the same time.

(Tickets not available at the door.)

Pennies: If you don’t want to use Ric’s tokens, you should bring 25 pennies (equivalent of 1 roll per couple) to use as tokens. They work just as well as Ric’s tokens, but are a little heavier.

Fifty-Fifty raffle will be held.

Fall 2018 Social Schedule

Mark your calendars! Here’s the 2018 fall schedule:

September 13. Extreme Juke Box Bingo with Ric Mitchell

October 11. Left-Center-Right with pizza.

November 8. Team Trivia with Steve Silverstein. Board elections.

December 13. Holiday Dinner and Dance.

Club President Resigns

Effective May 10, 2018, Jaye Wolfe, President of the Belvedere Social Club has resigned his position. You can read his resignation letter here or find it on the Downloads page in the right sidebar. We wish Jaye and Shirley all the best as they enjoy The Villages life unburdened by presidential duties.

We will keep you posted as to developments regarding Jaye’s replacement.

By-Laws Change Comments

Last week we let you know that we are entertaining an idea that would change the membership requirements to include Villages residents who are not residents of the Village of Belvedere.

Too view some of the comments we have received to date click on the “Documents” link under “Pages” in the right margin.

If you would like a copy of the by-laws, you can get it in a variety of formats using the “Club By-laws” link under “Pages” in the right margin.

Don’t forget, we will be having an open discussion of this idea at our Meeting on May 10th at Laurel Manor to get your input.

If you will not be attending the meeting or you want to comment beforehand, you can contact the President, Jaye Wolfe by email at jaye@jayewolfe.com.

Thanks for your thoughtful input,
The Board